About Manor of Fears 


The Ana Mendoza Foundation

Ana Mendoza mother of 5. Immigrant from El Salvador who came to the United States with nothing and reached American Dream.

Manor of Fears in partnership with The Ana Mendoza Foundation 

 The Ana Mendoza foundation and Manor of Fears was created in honor of our dear mother who passed away March 9th, 2017 from cancer. She was a hardworking single mom of 5 who worked until here last day on earth to provide us with everything that we needed. My mom was an immigrant from El Salvador that came to this country with nothing and was able to achieve the American dream including becoming an American Citizen. She raised us to be hardworking and diligent and to always reach for our goals. Her strengths live through us and we will continue to push forward and let her legacy live through us.

 The goal of the non-profit is to provide hope to others with toy giveaways, food giveaways, cloth giveaways, and small book scholarships. We were once the children who needed help and attended these giveaways and even needed help for school. These giveaways and the help from others provided us with hope and joy, so we just want to give back and provide the same hope and joy that was given to us when we were small and in need.

Since 2013 we have been giving back to the community and working with other organizations to provide clothes, food, and toys throughout South Central Los Angeles. As we grown we have been able to extend our reach and provide small book scholarships as well to help kids from South Central Los Angeles go to college. 

The Ana Mendoza Foundation was officially organized in November of 2018 to honor my mom's life and to continue her legacy. We are 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support and helping our organization reach our mission in helping others.

Feeding the homeless in downtown even the little one is ready to do his part. Mom and son partnership here.
Family Affair ready to their part in giving hope and joy .
Working with a Shields for Families to give toys and clothes away to women in need.
Ready to give out toys to kids in need. Also blankets and clothes. And some food to fill their bellies.
Ready for another year of giving hopes and dreams.
Getting Ready to Handout Toys as Santa. We all got to play our part.

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Me, as Santa, next to my beloved mom ready to give out hope and joy to families in need.